2 arrested with AK47 in Bunkpurugu

2 arrested with AK47 in Bunkpurugu

Police in the Bunkpurugu District of the North East Region have arrested two persons with an AK 47 rifle and a magazine with two (2) rounds of ammunition.

According to a situational report released by the Chief Superintendent Stephen Delapote, an officer in Charge of Operation Conquer Fist Personnel, the arrest follows the information received from the assemblyman of Bingbani who arrested and brought to the Bunkpurugu District Police station two (2) suspects.

They have been identified as Lara Babtua and Kinansua Mabagor.

The weapon he revealed has 563738996 as its registration number adding that the suspects were detained at the Bunkpurugu Police Station and will be arraigned before court soon.

Government through the Ministry of Interior banned the possession and transportations of weapons to the area in view of the volatile nature.
Bunkpurugu and surrounding area have witnessed dozens of recurring ethnic conflicts with recent resolution by Feuding factions in the nine-year-old violent conflict over the rulership of Bunkpurugu in fulfilling their pledge to bury the hatchet and cease hostilities after holding a joint traditional ritual to demonstrate their resolve to end the bloodshed three years ago.

On March 18, 2016, the Jafouk and Jamong gates — who had been battling it out for the occupation of the Bunkpurugu skin — carried out the traditional “blood burial” ritual to bring an end to the nine-year dispute and to cleanse the land for lasting peace.

Life in the town has since returned to normal as residents go about their daily activities peacefully without the fear and restrictions that characterised the near decade of communal attrition.
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