3-year-old girl defiled by man, 35; police tells mother to produce suspect

3-year-old girl defiled by man, 35; police tells mother to produce suspect

35-year-old man is on the run after he repeatedly defiled a 3-year-old girl at Ashorman in Accra.
The victim lived with her mum in a wooden structure of an eatery where she worked as an assistant to the chop bar owner. The confessed suspect also works with the eatery, where he allegedly committed the heinous act.
The little girl’s mother’s quest for justice has been hampered as the Madina police station where she reported the matter insist the case will only be acted upon if she is able to produce the culprit who is currently on the run.
According to the mother, she noticed the change in her daughter’s steps and the foul smell that emanated from her genital.
She told GhOne News Evelyn Araba Aidoo that ” I noticed her walking had changed and it appeared awkward to me. Again, there was a pungent smell from her vagina accompanied by a whitish fluid. Her vagina had opened up for a girl of her age. As a mother I was traumatised, shocked and sad. I have nobody to help”.
After reporting to her employer, she said, the owner of the eatery dismissed the little girl’s account and wrote it off.
But after several confrontation, the culprit admitted to husband of the eatery owner of committing the heinous crime. The revelation provoked the owner of the chop bar, but her anger was instead directed at the victim and her mother. She sacked them from her place for reporting the incident to the police.
A medical report shows the three year-old’s hymen has been completely broken and her vagina stretched terribly.
The mother is counting on moral society and the law to obtain justice.

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