Breaking: Headmaster, teacher beaten mercilessly by angry residents of Kokofu

A teacher of the Kokofu Junior High School (JHS) in the Ashanti Region who caned a female pupil of his over truancy had the shock of his life when the girl’s angry parents and other residents stormed the school and subjected him and his headmaster to severe beatings.
According to the pupils and other eyewitnesses, a female pupil, Rukaya Asama, was whipped by his teacher for absenting herself from classes a number of times.
The infuriated pupil promptly rushed home and informed her parents about how she had been targeted and disproportionately punished by the teacher.
Irked by the girl’s narration, her parents frantically and energetically mobilized other residents of the area, psyching them up appropriately so that they could viciously assault the teacher.
When the angry residents arrived in the school, they made for the teacher’s class and without waiting to properly understand his explanation and plea for mercy, they attacked him, beating him to a pulp.
When the head of the school intervened, the angry mob pounced on him and beat him up too.
The two victims of the mob injustice have lodged a complaint with the police, and are receiving medical care in a hospital.