Four persons  arrested for allegedly murdering their friend.

Four persons arrested for allegedly murdering their friend.

Four persons have been arrested for allegedly murdering their friend for moneymaking rituals and are presently being interrogated at the homicide section of the State Criminal and Intelligence Department (SCID), Panti, Yaba.

According to Guardian, one of them Daniel, confessed that: “We are from Chibok in Maiduguri, Borno State. We are four that killed our friend, Isaiah James, for ritual purposes.

We wanted to do charms to excel in advance fee fraud, known as 419, but the native doctor who we consulted told us that he won’t do it because we are not educated.

He told us that we should be literate before we can do 419 successfully. We asked if there was another alternative and he said he would perform a ritual out of sympathy for us. He told us to provide a human heart.”
Our gang leader, Audu, suggested that he would lure his cousin, who is also my friend, to where they would kill him and pluck out his heart for the ritual.

We called him on phone and told him to meet us at a drinking joint in Ajah, Lagos. We met at night and we started drinking local gin until the wee hours. We bought him fried yam. At about 1:00a.m. we said we should go home.

As we were walking home, Audu who was armed with a knife, stabbed him. When we noticed that he was dying, Ayuba butchered him, searched inside, but he could not find the heart.

I collected the knife from him and put my hand inside, I found the heart. His heart was still alive and pumping blood, I pulled it out with the help of the knife. We took it to the native doctor at Ijebu Ode, Ogun State.

He used it to prepare beans for us. He promised that after eating the beans porridge, we would start making big money. He said that anything we laid our hands must prosper.

We had just finished the meal when the police came to pick me. I did not feel anything killing him, human being is the same thing as animals. My regret is that we did not succeed in making the money and that the native doctor escaped arrest.”
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