I want Atuguba to preside over my case – Aponkye demands

I want Atuguba to preside over my case – Aponkye demands

Defeated Assembly Member aspirant of the Adukrom Nima Electoral Area Ibrahim Adabor Isa Ampem says he already has a foot in the Supreme Court as he intends to challenge his electoral loss.
According to the national sensation who was massively beaten in the elections, he and his management team are considering demanding that the retired Supreme Court judge who presided the 2012 Landmark Supreme Court Election Petition, Justice William Atuguba be appointed to preside over his case.
The politician who has been speaking in media houses a day after his electoral disappointment insists he has evidence to show that the eventual winner Abdul Rashid Musa who polled 1030 votes was engaged in multiple thumb printing of votes.
He is also querying why the ballot papers were counted in a poorly illuminated uncompleted classroom and not in the open.
Speaking in his regular style of English he fumed, “I didn’t sit and someone stealing me meanwhile I is the winner and I win the thing massive. Why did they not go to a clear place? They go to the uncompleted building JSS.
Challenging the assertion that he was misled by the crowd, he contended, “See crowd. If the person will not vote for you he didn’t waste his time to follows you everywhere you go.”
“Even the grandmother, the man and the woman agree that I won the tin. Is popraganda,” the unhappy man pointed out.
Meanwhile the Assembly member elect of the Adukrom Electoral Area Abdul Rashid Musa has wished away his threats insisting that Aponkye has no weight to contest the elections with his paltry 19% vote share.
Ivan Heathcote – Fumador.

Source: Ivan Heathcote – Fumador
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