Meet The Youngest Female Artist of AUC

Meet The Youngest Female Artist of AUC

Avenor University College has had a numerous students who have that talents, proving to the world the power of entertainment lives in their institution. "The University has produced hardworking professional teachers to the country and besides this teaching profession, many students are entertainers in the music, movie and art industry which one of them is Young Richie, a hip hop artiste". I have never believed what I heard until I met this young female artist known as LEWISA.
personally had a talk with her and I bet you, you would be amazed what she told me about her paintings and how she does them. She said and I paraphrased,

"I am someone who likes where there's competition......I ones had competitors back in SHS who challenges me a lot even during examination on drawings....but I always become the first because there's this technique I love using, which I know is their weak point....using pen to draw and shade even during exams"
was really astonished.....that how possible even in exams she uses pen to draw😀.
In fact I love her style of painting....

That is just by the way.... The most lovely part of it all is "provoke me and I will draw you and paint you exactly...." You want to know why?" Because if I am bored, I get focused, but make me happy, I will have fun with the drawing board...."

Now take a look at some of her works...

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