NPP MP Aspirant slaps party activist right infront of police officers

NPP MP Aspirant slaps party activist right infront of police officers

A case of assault has been made against Alex Martey, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) aspirant in the Ningo/Prampram Constituency, at the Prampram police station.

The victim, one John Charway, popularly called CJ, was allegedly slapped by the MP aspirant in the presence of police officers and at the police station.
CJ, who until the incident campaigned for the election of Mr. Martey to lead the party, says the issue between him and the MP has to do with a camera and LCD card, which he used to undertake social media operations for the candidate.
According to sources within the party, the aspirant demanded for the return of the items which CJ handed to him without the card.
Sources say CJ told the victim said he had images from a funeral he shot the previous day so they should give him time to get them off the card so he can hand it over to them.
But the explanation enraged Martey, who, sources alleged, confronted CJ at his house, ransacked his room and subsequently followed him to the police station, where he had gone to make a report.
It was at the police station the aspirant allegedly slapped him right before some officers. CJ was given a form by the police to go for a medical examination.
Our checks indicate relationship between the aspirant and most of those who worked for him has broken down, because of alleged disrespect towards them.
There are concerns his arrogant posture may discourage a good number of activists from campaigning for the party in an area that has traditional been won by the NDC.
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