Student, 17, is jailed for 16 years for encouraging her boyfriend to ‘prove his love’ by killing his ex-girlfriend

Student, 17, is jailed for 16 years for encouraging her boyfriend to ‘prove his love’ by killing his ex-girlfriend

student was jailed on Friday, December 20, for urging her boyfriend to prove his love for her by killing his ex-girlfriend during a macabre plot ‘to prove himself’
Sarah Mohamed, 17, loitered outside the victim’s home in Openshaw, Manchester for two hours while she waited for her boyfriend, Rhett Carty-Shaw, also 17, to kill the mother of his child.
As she waited outside, she sent more than 50 text messages to encourage him to carry out the brutal attack in May earlier this year.
One of the messages she sent to her boyfriend while he was inside with the mother of his child reads: “Why you taking so long? Hurry up and do it.”
The pair were both jailed for 16 years on December 20, 2019.
Mohamed had first plotted the murder after she discovered that her boyfriend was continuing his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, 17-year-old Imam Nasir.
Manchester Crown Court heard during the trial that she was angered and “felt humiliated”. She proceeded to end her relationship with him and said that he had “let her down” and that she “cannot trust him”.
But Carty-Shaw was upset about the relationship coming to an end and arranged to meet with Mohamed at lunchtime the day before the attack in an attempt to talk her round.
Just hours after the meeting, Carty-Shaw made Google searches on asphyxiation and “how long do people get sentenced for murder”.
The court heard that the boy turned up at the victim’s home the following day with a change of clothes along with a large kitchen knife in his bag.
Ms Nasir described how Carty-Shaw had told her that he had to kill her. She said he also asked her whether she would kill herself for him, whether he could kill her and how he should kill her.  He told her that he was being pressured to kill her and that people would harm his family if he did not go through with it.
Miss Nasir recalled how at one stage he had asked her to give the appearance of strangulation so that he could take a photograph and send it as fake evidence of her death.

She applied make-up to her neck to fake strangulation and closed her eyes so that he could take a photo but when she opened her eyes she saw him holding a knife.
Miss Nasir tried to call 999 as well as one of her friend’s but he prevented her from doing so. She instructed him to leave and tried to push him down the stairs and out of the house into the garden which is when Carty-Shaw became extremely violent.
He inflicted numerous blows that left her with wounds to her face, neck and armpit plus three to her back and shewas lucky to escape with her life.
Carty-Shaw left the scene shortly after and made his way to his girlfriend Mohamed who was waiting outside. The pair talked and embraced after returning to Mohamed’s home before he left and she returned inside the property.
Carty-Shaw was arrested a short time later while standing at a bus stop close to his co-defendant’s address.
It became apparent that he had changed his clothes and trainers and was in possession of two plastic bags which contained an open packet of Dettol wipes, some of which had already been used.
It is thought that they had been purchased in order to clean the large kitchen knife, a green sports bag and his blood stained clothing and trainers.
His accomplice, Mohamed, was arrested soon after and her phone was seized.
Phone analysis showed that she was constantly pressuring the boy, repeatedly texting him instructing him to video what he was doing and send the footage to her video so that she knew that it had been done.
She wrote: “Vid it then delete it when I see it please… Did you get rid of the phone?”
Police also found a message telling Carty-Shaw not to do anything stupid and leave his DNA behind or he would be going to prison.
In one exchange Carty-Shaw wrote “I did it to prove I love you – there was no other way to keep you”
And Miss Mohamed replied: “I know there wasn’t -I’m gonna protect you at all costs.”
Miss Nasir, who is said to have been lucky not to have been killed in the attack, was taken to hospital where she was treated for serious injuries.
Mohamed has now been jailed for intentionally encouraging or assisting a person to commit murder.
She denied wrongdoing claiming she thought Carty-Shaw was simply going to end his relationship with the victim and she wanted him to record the break up on his phone as proof.
Carty-Shaw was originally charged with rape but was found not guilty. But he admitted causing GBH but was convicted of the more serious charge of attempted murder.
Both were sentenced onFriday, December 20, 2019, to 16 years behind bars.
A judge ordered they be named due to the “strong public interest” in the case.
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