Watch VIDEO:: Ghanaian lady strips N@ked and flogs woman caught sleeping with her sister’s husband

Watch VIDEO:: Ghanaian lady strips N@ked and flogs woman caught sleeping with her sister’s husband

Series of viral videos Thursday surfaced online showing the moment an angry Nigerian woman whipped another woman she caught sleeping with her sister’s husband. In some of the videos not shared here, the woman stripped her nak£d.
In one of the videos, the woman, from Agulu a town in Anambra state Nigeria, can be seen flogging a nak£d woman while asking her if there weren’t other single men around before she chose to sleep with a married man.
Shame on you. Woman who sleeps with others husbands,” she said as she whipped her.
In one of the videos, the woman asked how many times she slept with her sister’s husband and she said, “two times.”
She asked to know how much the man gives her and the naked woman said the man doesn’t give her anything.

After flogging her, she reportedly opened the gate and tried forcing her to leave the compound nak£d. A man quickly intervened and directed the nak£d woman back inside.

In one of the videos shared below, the woman can be seen already covered with a piece of cloth given to her by ‘a good Samaritan’ to cover her nak£dness. But the angry woman in orange top kept insisting that she should remove the cloth and go nak£d.
Let her remove the wrapper,” she said repeatedly in Igbo language. “Give me that wrapper.”
Some people can be heard in the video pleading with the angry woman to have mercy.
“Aunty please,” They all begged.
Another woman pleaded with her saying, “Should I kneel down for you? Aunty please.”
But the woman did not calm down.
A man stepped into the scene to say, “We’re all begging you.”
But the woman with the whip warned him saying, “Don’t cover evil.”
The man replied: “Have mercy on her. Forgive her.”
But the woman insisted on stripping the woman naked and flogging her. She told her to kneel down and the woman obeyed.
After the woman knelt down, the angry woman turned to the others to ask who gave the woman the piece of cloth to cover herself. She then proceeded to ask the girl again to remove the wrapper and go nak£d.
“She knows what she did was not good,” the others told the angry woman but she shut them up, asking them to “cool down.”
The woman kneeling begged for forgiveness but the woman with the cane refused to forgive her and insisted that she removes the wrapper to expose her nak£d body.
When the lady refused to remove the cloth, the woman began whipping her and saying:
“Your butt, is it better than my sister’s butt? Your butt, is it better than my sister’s own?
“God will burn you,” she added.
She continued: “You said it’s not today you started licking it. It’s not today. Somebody’s husband.”
After flogging her, she asked her to go home.
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