Damongo: 7-year-old school girl killed by motor rider

Damongo: 7-year-old school girl killed by motor rider

7-year-old schoolgirl was knocked down by a motorbike rider in the late hours of Saturday 14th March, 2020.
The unfortunate incident happened in Canteen, a suburb of Damongo.
According to an eyewitness, little Moshie Fakia was crossing to the other side of the road when the rider called Seidu on an AG motorbike on top speed knocked her down in the middle of the road. Seidu is a mason by profession.
The little girl was referred immediately to the Tamale Teaching Hospital but unfortunately, she passed on at the Damongo Hospital.
A grieving father of the late little Fakia called Mr Moshie who works as an electrician at the Damongo Hospital quickly made a report to the Damongo Divisional Police Command.
The motor rider was invited by the Police to write a statement. The motorbike is currently with the police whilst investigations are ongoing.
The Damongo to Canteen road has witnessed a number of motorbike accidents resulting in the death of young men.
A few years ago a popular Youth Activist and entertainment promoter Kumaji Osinco died through a motor accident on the same stretch of road.
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