The old students'of one the biggest and finest Senior High in Ghana,Keta  Senior High School is about to go to the polls soon to elect new executives to chair the affairs of the students' union.
And here are something's you must know before the elections.


Having considered views expressed by all stakeholders, after extensive consultations: and in the desire to ensure “broader participation” by all, and taking cognizance of conventions and precedents established by our Association as regards all issues in the spirit of “forging ahead”, albeit challenges by our constitutional provisions in letter: the Keta secondary School (Ketasco) Electoral Commission (EC) hereby put forward regulations, hereunder: to govern its pending 2020 election.

As per Article 10.2 of our constitution indicating the various vacant executive positions:

The rules are rooted in our convictions that:
i.). Leadership is a function of organization within the context of we”ism”, consensus building and vision.

ii.) That the “year groups” concept is the preferred way to go.

iii.) That provisions of Article 15.3 of our constitution does not engender principles of inclusiveness and unity needed to drive the development agenda of our Alma Mater.
Now, given the foregoing, we have these governing rules for election 2020.

That voting in the 2020 election shall be accessible to all accredited attendants( year group reps/ individuals), whose year group identity may be verified by their year mates.
Each qualified year group shall be represented by 5 members

i.e. 5 Representatives ( Reps) shall come from the qualified year groups.
That all year groups/individuals (year groups to 2009), heretofore, not registered with the National Executive Committee (NEC), but desirous to participate in Election 2020: shall take steps to “register” by close of day 30th March, 2020.

That upon “registration”, these groups/ individuals shall pay their dues in full, for the year 2019 to qualify to put up and or support candidates of their choice.

That year groups / individuals as currently recognized by the dues league table, “pay up” their dues in order to put up/support candidates for office.

In view of contributions made by diasporians, the EC recommends the inclusion of diasporians influence to each year group for voting purposes.

That Congress cost be financed by NEC/ IMC.

That nomination of candidates for national office positions shall be held between March 10 - 16, 2020

That candidates who successfully file their nominations shall present copies of their manifestos for publication on all platforms of the Past Students Association upon which questions may be asked of them by the generality of memberships.

Each candidate needs(5) five members of the association in good standing, (2) two of which must come from the candidate's year group and the rest from any other year groups in good standing. The verification of all candidates shall be done by EC.

That the period starts from March 24, 2020 to April 3,2020: During which candidates shall reach out to all eligible voters through their year groups to solicit votes before Elections.

That EC members have no vote
That 5 minutes be given to each contestant to talk about his/her vision on voting day.

That congress takes place on April 4, 2020.

S. Atsu Wemegah
Sukar Akaba
Selasi Gattogo

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