COVID19: Klefe Community prepares it's members.

COVID19: Klefe Community prepares it's members.

Klefe is one of the hidden cities in the Volta Region which has been endowed with many resources and creatures has begun it's fight with the novel coronavirus with some simple measures and education.
Bismark Sellally Lawson,a native of Klefe
 made a post some few weeks ago about how serious his beloved community has been about the fight against the CORONA VIRUS and how the newly elected Assembly Member, Dogbey Raphael Worlasi Kwaku, Chiefs and elders, and the entire citizens of Klefe have taken it upon themselves to ensure the virus does not enter the community.

In that same post, He made mention of the installation of TIPPY TAPS (Locally made hand washing system) and how all new entrants into the community including citizens who have traveled back to the community ever since the President of the Republic, Nana Addo declared restrictions on movement in Greater Accra Metropolitan Area, Kasoa Area, and Greater Kumasi Metropolitan Area, have been  been sent to the Ho Teaching Hospital for the necessary tests to be conducted on them.

Ever since, the campaign for hand washing, the usage of hand sanitizers and face masks and social distancing have been intensified. The paramount chief, Togbe Korku Dzaga XI has been addressing the community from his base in Accra through a conference call and getting connected to the public address system so as to enable everyone within the catchment area to hear then discuss issues surrounding the Pandemic.

A decision has been taken by the leadership of the community, to provide means for the community folks to wash their hands as directed by the health experts and this was to be achieved by placing the Veronica Buckets, hand washing bowls, and hand sanitizers at vantage points throughout the community. A call was then made to citizens, home and away from home, as well as friends of the community to donate towards this worthy course. In the end, a great number of the items needed were procured and staged at their designated points.

The Regional Minister Hon. Dr. Archibald Yao Letsa who hails from Klefe and one who heads the fight against the virus in the Region donated a box of hand sanitizer to the chiefs of the community, 3 Veronica Buckets, 3 hand washing bowls, and liquid soups towards the initiative.

Lawyer Kodzokumah Dzanku who has always been passionate about the development of the community donated 7 Veronica Buckets.

Klefe Citizens Union, Accra Chapter & Others donated 30 buckets & washing bowls, 6 cartons of liquid soaps.

The Hon. MCE for Ho Municipality, Hon. Prosper Kofi Pi- Bansah donated 3 buckets & 3 hand sanitizers and other citizens who wish to remain anonymous donated towards this course.

I was also informed some persons have pledged their support as well and so it is not surprising to see the three towns of the community, Achatime, Dome and Demete flooded with the setups for hand washing. This is laudable and inspiring. As a citizen and one who has been bringing you up to speed on developments in the community for a very long time now, I wish to thank the chiefs and elders, the  Assembly Member, citizens and friends of the community for their swiftness in rising to the occasion. I also wish to encourage other citizens to reach out to the Assembly Man on 0207448857 to see how they can also contribute to the fight against the global enemy, CORONA VIRUS.
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