Covid19: Update Number 7 , Ghanaians Expectations - Citizen Nelson.

Covid19: Update Number 7 , Ghanaians Expectations - Citizen Nelson.

The President of the Republic of Ghana,His Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo is expected to address the nation tonight at 8pm  and the citizens are in high expectations for his package for them. Below are some expectations piled up by young citizen Nelson.
1.Extension of the lockdown to Eastern region
2. 10% Reduction on telecommunications
3. PPEs should be distributed to security personnels
4. All health workers should be considered as frontline health workers
5. Mass Education should reach the rural areas.
6. Social Distancing rule should be enforced
7. Regulations on public transport on how many passengers they should carry
8. Government should free rent taken by landlords from their tenants.
9.All markets in Ghana should be closed until further notice
10. Sharing of cooked food to venerable should stop. This is because, there’s no social distancing protocols observed when receiving the food.
What the government needs to do is to send the uncooked food to the venerables for them to prepare.
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