The Ghanaian Frontline Health Worker - Nlankpe Makija Abel.

The Ghanaian Frontline Health Worker - Nlankpe Makija Abel.

In the wake of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), government has outlined some compensation plans for the Ghanaian health worker which includes 50% of salaries to be added  to some health workers he calls “FRONTLINE HEALTH WORKERS” all because those people work in health facilities where confirmed COVID-19 patients are managed. And did we just say those are the frontline health workers? 

This categorization of the health workers into front liners and non-front liners I know is based on risk assessment and if we look at it from this angle, these so called frontline health workers are only managing patients who are known to have the infection with full complement of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and hence they are well protected because they know the statuses of the patients they are managing. 
What about the poor health worker who takes care of the asymptomatic or unknown patients without any proper PPE but just some cloth face mask which has no any protective efficacy? 

Health workers who are managing patients with unknown status of the Novel Coronavirus and even without the full complement of PPE are more at risk than their counterparts, the so called frontline health workers and are also entitled to enjoy whatever compensation plan outlined by the government. 

It is not the fault of health workers that their facilities do not have what it takes to manage confirmed COVID-19 patients when you and I know very well that most of the confirmed cases we have in the management centers were referred and are still being referred from the disadvantaged health facilities who have managed the patients when they were asymptomatic or their statuses were unknown. 

In my opinion, I think every Ghanaian health worker is at risk of this Novel Coronavirus even with those who are handling the asymptomatic or unknown cases more at risk and whatever compensation plan is put in place, should be put across board for all.

Thank you.

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