V/R: Volta Senior High school donates to Anyanui Health Centre.

V/R: Volta Senior High school donates to Anyanui Health Centre.

Volta Senior High School *(VOLTASCO)* is one of the second cycle institutions in Anloga District within the catchment of Agbledomi. The school was first known as a private school owned and steered by some visionary citizens of Agbledomi.

In 2016, the school was absorbed by the government. In line with the government's effort to stock the newly absorbed community schools with human capitals, VOLTASCO  also benefited from posting of Professional teachers from different disciplines.

The school currently runs four approved causes namely; *Visual Arts*, *Home Economics*, *General Arts* and *Business*.
 It is good to hear that VOLTASCO which is a community day school also benefited from *government's hot lunch programme*. It is hoped that very soon the government will aid the school in running boarding house system.

Due to the love and passion both teachers and management have for the school, they decided to make voluntary contribution to provide *Anyanui Health Clinic with PPEs* such as:
1. *Face Masks*
2. *Hand Towels*
3. *Examination Gloves*
4. *Hand Sanitizers*
5. *Veronica Bucket*
to mitigate the dreaded pandemic to provide a safe place for the dwellers. The health center is largely attended  by students hence the need to prepare the environment before school reopens.

VOLTASCO as the name connotes is a very great school with competent teachers and opens its doors to the young dreaming basic students who aspire to make very good grades in the WASSCE as Voltasco is known for its excellent performance for the past years. Doors are also opened to teachers who wish to teach Art related courses and Home Economics.
Below is the speech of the head mistress of Volta Senior High School; *Ms Gloria Esinam Ahorgah*
"It's our privilege to donate this few items to our lovely Health Centre, although it's not enough we please that you should accept this from us. She also used the opportunity to thank the Clinic staff for their massive works during this pandemic time."
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