V/R : Fuveme community destroyed by tidal wave.

V/R : Fuveme community destroyed by tidal wave.

A heavy tidal wave have submerged the entire Fuveme community in the Anloga District of the Volta Region.

About 10 houses have been submerged in Fuveme.

Speaking to the chief fisherman of the area, he explained that the perennial floods in the area are caused by the rising water level at the estuary at Ada near Fuveme. When the river rises, it flows into the Sea and the Sea level also rises but this time was the most serious one.

In an interview with the Anloga District NADMO supervising head Mr. Philip Bokorgah, he said they have fine safe haven for them to move in but some refuses to go there and as it stands now the only option is for them to move to the safe haven while waiting on government.
Meanwhile, it's left with only three houses to move, when speaking to one of the residents there, she said she don't like to go there but rather prefer to go back to her hometown at Dzita with her children.

There are, however, no reports of casualties.

Source. newsfileonline.com
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