Slides From NTC Induction Training .

Slides From NTC Induction Training .

The National Teaching Council ( NTC) have put in place some measures and procedures to induct the newly trained teacher's that are currently doing the mandatory service before the outbreak of the novel corona virus.
The NTC, a body which is responsible for conducting license exams for teachers and issuing it to them has categorize the teachers into groups for proper facilitation .
Below are some of the slides..

Slides From NTC Induction Training –
From The Slides, It’s Indicatives. Public Notice For NSS And In-Service Teachers

  1. After writing your GTLE, it gives you a provisional license.

  2. Make sure that, as you are doing your national service which is also induction, you participate in INSET as part of the requirements. This must all be documented with evidence.

  3. At the service, use these documents and experiences, in conjunction with your headteacher, develop a teacher portfolio for yourself through conscious reflection over the period. It should be recorded in the teacher training log book.

  4. After the service, Use the Teacher Portal Ghana to upload your portfolio and fill an attached form and submit to get your full license. It will be verified online for processing.
    Website : tpg.ntc.gov.gh

All in-service teachers are also expected to CREAT and account on this same portal and upload their documents in preparation towards lincensing. If you’ve not done it yet, consider doing it now.

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