Spoken Word in Honor of Freeman Kafui ~ Francis Focus

Spoken Word in Honor of Freeman Kafui ~ Francis Focus


The sunset at the midday,
There lie Angels announcing with
A mega sound about Freeman Kafui Matilda.

Who is Freeman Kafui Matilda?
I will start by telling you a story.
One breezy early morning,
As the world waited in silence;
A dark and coppery thin of clouds were formed in awe,
From the windy weather.
It suddenly appears to be droplets of showers of blessings,
Unto the creatures of these fertile lands.
Africa, Ghana and beyond.

Dashing out is a beautiful star with a thunderstorm sparkling the earth.
I never knew it could be this supernatural beauty of a queen,
I personally and affectionately know.
A beauty beyond human imagination,
Saw a world of total transformation.
Beyond the beauty lies a welcoming character,
Which teaches women that the kitchen is not their last stop.

A woman with no co-equal.
Not even the queen of England (Queen Elizabeth) or Yaa Asantewa.
Truth be told,
I was in the blind world of buffle-headed.
Until I met this vanilla, beautiful, multifaceted-talented "Freeman Matilda"

Beauty they say is not in the face; but the light in the heart,
Reveal to me a clear picture of epitome of an indigenous African woman,
Proudly voltarian of valour and value.
Unto Africa, Ghana and beyond a queen is descending from the kingdom of Ghana Most Beautiful (GMB) 2020.
Your highness, Your highness
Ye earthly hosts and angels of heaven hail you in a high esteem.

I was told all that glitters is not Gold,
But I still hold unto my faith,
That which glitters from the ninth position of GMB (2020) seem to be Gold.
It popped out as news in our eardrums
Just as the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Your eloquence alone can confuse arbitrators to speak in tongues.
Your passion for pageant has seen an enormous victories from infancy up to date.
Indeed you are born with a silver spoon of passion for pageant in your mouth,
Even the sky denied being your limit.

Tilly, you've won the hearts of many.
If I'm to put you on the world's scale of preference,
You will be the masses first priority.

Freeman Matilda, your stars are blinking in milky and stunning ways,
Your stars will be sun and the sun will be no more,
For a queen is born.

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