Health Talk: High Fever, Causes and Remedies.

Health Talk: High Fever, Causes and Remedies.

Welcome to today's edition of health alert.
Today, we're looking at a common illness called High Fever.
Let's roll.
Season 1:
It is an acute organic mental disorder characterized by a syndrome, caused by malfunctioning but with no destruction of brain cells. It is always secondary to an underlying medical condition or toxic agent. Delirium may follow by complete recovery, however, if left untreated or if it is untreated may progress to a chronic mental disorder (Dementia), or to irreversible coma and death. 

It is an organic disorder or mental disorder characterized by changes in level of consciousness and cognition. If the underlying cause is identified it can be reverse. 
Delirium or acute confusional state is an organically-caused decline from a previously attained baseline level of cognitive function. It is typified by fluctuating course, attention deficits and generalized severe disorganization of behaviour.     

Delirium comes from a latin word as de/lira meaning “from / out” (furor / track) out of track. It is an acute form of mental disorders characterized by changes in cognition and cloudiness of consciousness e.g. stupor, torpor and semi-coma.  

Acute Organic Reaction
Acute Confusional state
Toxic Confusional Psychosis / Toxic Psychosis
Acute Organic Syndrome 
Sundown Syndrome
Intensive Care Unit Psychosis 
Transient Psychosis 
Acute Psychosis 
Acute organic Disorder 
Delirium Tremens
Exhaustion Delirium
Senile Delirium
Traumatic Delirium 

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