V/R: Two Final year students of Ketabusco Dead.

V/R: Two Final year students of Ketabusco Dead.

Information reaching Konkonsah GH indicates that, two final year students of Keta Business College passed away. According to reports received  from the School (Keta Business College), it indicates that two final year students have lost their lives in an unfortunate circumstances.  The two students are a boy and a girl respectively.

The unfortunate death of the girl took place at the Keta Municipal Hospital, the girl (name withheld) was severely ill and was not allowed to go out to the Hospital for treatment and when things became worse, she was  quickly rushed to the hospital on Sunday but gave up the ghost yesterday at hospital.
immediately the relatively of the girl brought her picture to campus to visit the authorities and inform them about the departure of their lovely daughter or sister.

In the case of the boy (name withheld), he fell sick and was sent to the Keta Municipal Hospital  for treatment and referred to Korlebu Teaching Hospital for further treatment but passed away on Thursday at the hospital.
As to whether this two deaths are covid-19 related is unknown. 

The school is yet to confirm this reports officially  and Konkonsah GH Will give update you once there is news on this issue.
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