Be Wary of Politicians Whose Ultimate Goal is to Enrich Themselves at the Expense of the Poor - Rev. Nfodzo Admonishes Youth of Ghana.

Be Wary of Politicians Whose Ultimate Goal is to Enrich Themselves at the Expense of the Poor - Rev. Nfodzo Admonishes Youth of Ghana.

As part of our democratic practice and process, Ghana will go to the polls on December 7 being the 8th poll in the Fourth (4th) Republic to elect its President and Members of Parliament of our respective Constituencies.  In another set of  history the country will go into the December poll with Twelve (11) political parties and one (1) Independent aspirant as Presidential candidates on the ballot sheet.
Per previous experience, there's no doubt that the NPP and the NDC, the two major political parties will again dominate the headlines. There's no reason for any Ghanaian voter to disbelieve that it's either going to be Nana Akuffo Addo on the ticket of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) or the former President John Dramani  Mahama on the ticket of the biggest opposition party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for the presidency, the very people who have arguably taken us for granted. 

We have seen the two main political parties rule Ghana before. Unfortunately, NDC and NPP are bedfellows. We follow one because our parents did, or we feel they can support our course. This even sometimes results in disappointment. 

"Many people on the ground are aware that none is genuinely ready to change the fortunes of the poor Ghanaian. Every action of the politician is to score political points."

Speaking to section of youth in an open virtual discussion on elections in Ghana on Wednesday November 11, 2020, Rev. Bright Mawuena Nfodzo
Resident Minister of Evangelical Presbyterian Church Ghana (EPCG) Akuse, and a forrmer Presbytery Youth Facilitator of the Northern Presbytery of the EPCG told the youth to disassociate themselves from unworthy behaviours that can ruin their future of prosperity and focus on the choice of violence free activities before, during and after the election.
"I therefore encourage Ghanaians, and the youth especially, to be wary of politicians whose ultimate goal is to enrich themselves at the expense of the poor.

Especially to the Christian youth, let us continue to pray for peace and live for peace in Ghana. In order to carry on with our mandate of spreading the good news, we will need that peace, as a springboard for our soul winning agenda."

"Unfortunately for us, the proliferation of churches in Ghana has not resulted in improvement in our Christian virtues. Many prophets, who are supposed to be the voice and spokesperson of the people, have rather turned into secret political apostles of the politicians. We are unable to speak against corruption and social injustice that have become an albatross on the neck of the Ghanaian. The prophets have sold their voices for bags of rice, iron sheets, cash and promises from the politician. Prophecy has been reduced to foretelling obvious election results. What will saying, "NDC or NPP will win" change for the poor Ghanaian? Or what news is ''you will win when you work hard''? Who doesn't know that lazy people are losers?

"There's therefore no need for our youth to risk their lives to indulge in violence, or even unnecessary trolling  that will result in fights and chaos. The politicians themselves will never be directly involved in rioting. They are only interested in power, to make more wealth  for themselves", he cautioned.

Rev. Nfodzo also warned on the use of social media which has become a common medium for spreading fast false information that can equally spark fear and panic in people and its results could not be favourable.

"With the prevalence of social media, let us be mindful of what we post, that we will not spread falsehood to cause fear and panic in society. Remember war can begin on Facebook and WhatsApp and all other social and traditional media." 

He urged the youth and the entire nation to be mindful on the day of election to do the expected.
"Be wise, and don't go fighting. Avoid alcohol and drugs during the period of the elections and be a messenger of peace. 
Go out to vote because it's your right, and it's not unbiblical to be involved in the governance process of society. No one will follow you into the booth when you vote. Vote for people you think they can promote the general welfare of the populace and not people who have given you money. So if the politician has failed you, just as our pastors are equally failing us, please don't fail yourself",he said. 

 Evans Attah Akangla
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