Keta: NPP parliamentary candidate enrolls 12 young women for apprenticeship program

Keta: NPP parliamentary candidate enrolls 12 young women for apprenticeship program

The New Patriotic Party parliamentary candidate for the Keta constituency, Dr. Benjamin Sena Dzameshie has enrolled 12 ladies in the area in tailoring apprenticeship and donated 12 sewing machines.

Five of the twelve newly enrolled apprentices who are within the ages of 19 and 30 are ladies who have started apprenticeship but were unable to pay for the training and to sign the apprenticeship contracts rendering the first two years of their training null and void.
The 5 after the payment of their contract sums by the MP aspirant will now start counting the three years of the apprenticeship afresh.
Dr. Dzameshie also paid the graduation fees for twelve other ladies who have graduated but could not pay the said fees.

He also donated a sewing machine to each of the graduands.
Beneficiaries of the gesture, in a Citi News interview, expressed profound gratitude to Dr. Dzameshie for the kind gesture.
“I am happy about the opportunity to now graduate from my madam to set up my own shop with the new machine gifted me,” one of the graduands said.

Another beneficiary who is a mother of one said “I have always wanted to learn the trade of tailoring but I didn’t have the money, now I am grateful to God and Dr. Dzameshie that I can now start learning a trade of my own”.

According to the parliamentary candidate, the gesture is a show of his commitment to the people of the Keta constituency and the development of the area.

He said he hopes that the people of Keta will in return, vote massively for him and the NPP to bring about more development in the area.
Credit: Citinewsroom.com

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