Oti: Ten-year-old boy hangs himself in Dambai

Oti: Ten-year-old boy hangs himself in Dambai

A 10-year-old boy has allegedly taken his life by hanging in the Oti Region, the police confirmed on Friday 14 May 2021.

According to the police, the incident involving the class three pupil occurred on Thursday at Dambai.

Investigations are ongoing to establish the actual cause of death.

A co-tenant revealed that there were no traces of such intention when he met him prior to the incident.
“I traveled to Cape Coast. When I returned he came to welcome me. I gave him a loaf of bread together with my children and even asked him to wait outside since he wanted to watch movie in my room. He normally comes around whenever I return from a journey or work,” Prince Tagbor, a driver with the Oti Regional Coordinating Council told Asaase News.

According to sources, the little boy feigned illness and refused to attend evening church service with his mother on that fateful day. He allegedly hanged himself on a mango tree at a nearby house.

The police have deposited the body at the Worawora Government Hospital for further investigations.

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