The first Population Census undertaken by the British Administration in this country was in 1891. Since then, censuses have been conducted at ten yearly intervals except in 1941 when the 1939-45 War interrupted the series. Ghana has conducted five population Censuses after independence-2010 was the last. The last two Censuses (2000 and 2010) combined Population and Housing in one operation. The last Census conducted in 2010 recorded a total population of 24.7 million. The next PHC after 2010 should have taken place in 2020, however, it was interrupted by COVID-19. 
Ghana will conduct its third Population and Housing Census (PHC) this year with data collection scheduled for the first half of 2021. 

Field work for the 2021 PHC is scheduled to begin on 13th June 2021, with 27th June 2021 as Census Night.
The main rationale for conducting periodic Censuses is to update the socio-demographic and economic data in the country and ascertain the changes that have occurred in the population structure since the last Census. 

Pursuant to the Statistical Service Act, 2019 (1003), the Ghana Statistical Service sent text messages to all potential recruits who were short listed to take part in the interview for 2021 Population and Housing Census. 
The interview session was purported to have started from Wednesday 5th May, 2021 up to Tuesday 15th May, 2021 across the country.
In the Central Tongu, a total of 829 applicants were short listed and every short listed applicant was sent a second message which was to pre-inform them about the specific date each of them were to report for the interview. The interview started in the Central Tongu District assembly on Wednesday 5th May, 2021 and ended on Tuesday 11th May, 2021. In all a total number of 512 potential recruits were interviewed out of the 829 applicants who were short listed. 

During the interview session, for an effective interview to be conducted taking into consideration the large number of short listed applicants, the interview panel was divided into three (3). Each panel consisted of three (3) panelists. The applicant list was also grouped into three (3) relative to the three panels. All that the applicants were expected to do was to go to the notice board and check which of the panels they are supposed to go for the interview and follow suit.
The interview was conducted in the premises of the Central Tongu District Assembly.
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