Characteristics of the Beetle “KPA” (KHEPERA’S)

Characteristics of the Beetle “KPA” (KHEPERA’S)

Characteristics of the Beetle became compatible to “KPA” (KHEPERA’S) world creation; - The male Beetle and its rolling of dung to approximately two-inches diameter size for larvae, to be roll into a hole that the female Beetle prepared and (she) deposit one egg in that hole as; “THE ONLY BEGOTTEN” and to be fed with the larvae in the dung when the egg is hatched. 
This characteristic earned the Beetle an honor with the Nubians as the symbol of (KPA) the Greek (KHEPERA).
"Kpa-Te" ( Koklo-Kpa-n-Te ) The dung rolling beetle, preparation to feed the only begotten . "TE" ( TETTEY ) The first born male of the divinity "Kpa", on the tongue of the Ga-Adangbe you may hear the addressing saying to the "Divinity Kpa" as : Tettey La-Kpa. 
The Beetle; - as “KPA” (KHEPERA) the creator and organizer of Life. 
The Dung ; - as "HU-NU" (THE SHINING WATERS = "SUN") the source of all life.
The Egg; - ( THE ONLY BEGOTTEN ) as “OSA” ( MENSA ), the Greek “OSIRIS” ; - the Spirit-Soul of “KPA” (Khepera) the part of “NU” (Nutem). And the OSA's resurrections to the living and the dead.
Happy Resurrection Year to all Gadangbe nation world wide .My La Asafo family stop the chieftaincy dispute and allow the Ancestors to choose someone so we can celebrate The New Year next Year and Meet La Kpa once again ,La illa La Hu ,There is no Other Fire but That Fire .
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