How  to  ask for sex from your spouse without war

How to ask for sex from your spouse without war

There are simple and easy ways  to ask for sex from your partner without argument and fight.
Below are some reasons stated below;
1. Touch him/her on the stimulating areas to get him/her in the mood. Nipples, neck, back
2. Kiss him/her. Kisses almost always make us think of making love
3. Take showers or baths together. Invite your spouse to the shower, make it a habit. Get playful there, sex will happen
4. Send your spouse naughty messages during the day saying what you will do to him/her. By the time you get home, you both will be in the mood
5. Massage your spouse's body, touch and care arouses your spouse
6. Dress for sex. There are lingerie that you wear that tell your spouse "I want sex. I am feeling sexy"
7. Sleep naked together. The greater and easier the access, the more the sex
8. Treat your spouse well. We get horny when we are near the spouse who treats us well.
9. Touch your spouse between the legs. Don't beat around the bush. Lady, take your fingers inside his boxer and stroke his gun to hardness; man, take your fingers inside her panty and rub till she swells. Men love a wife who is sexually aggressive; women love a husband that is hungry for her and unpredictable
10. Whisper naughty things into your spouse's ear. There is something sexy about hearing and feeling your spouse breathing in a horny way.
11. Invite your spouse for a sensual, intimate dance. Salsa, slow dance, bump and grind. There is no way you two will be close to each other, body to body and not want to make love. This is why married people need to go out on dates more, go out and find intimacy. Find intimacy in dancing in the house too
12. Strip, tease and seduce your spouse. Whine, kata kiuno, slowly reveal your body
13. Be playful. Lady, take your husband's hands and place them on your butt, blindfold him with your bra. Man, grab her butt as she works, unhook her bra when she least expects it
14. Pose in a seductive way. Lay in bed in a sexual way, lady deliberately bend infront of him in a manner to suggest an invite for doggy style
15. Master a seductive look. Man, your wife gets turned on when you give her a piercing look that says "I want you now. She gets wet when you undress her with your eyes". Lady, pull your husband to you with "Come inside me" eyes
16. Ask for sex unapologetically. Tell your spouse without wasting time, "Sex me"... "I am horny". Stop suffering alone in sexual fire. Sometimes all you have to do is to open your mouth and say, "My love, sex me, NOW!"
© Akello Oliech & Dayan Masinde
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