Origination of Gomoa Towns

Origination of Gomoa Towns

Apart from the major traditional establishments such as Apaa, Fetteh, Ehyiam and the few others, most of the names of the Gomoa settlements were coined, and have become corrupted. It is interesting to know however, that, no names were copied from anywhere as people are made to believe. 

Senya Bereku: Given by Fetteh to Guans was named Bereku because the bird called obereku in Fantse were many at the place the Guans were given to settle.

Gyaaman: Founded by Nana Bondam Entsie, Nana Kum, Nana Akuako, Nana Otabil, Nana Amo Mensa and Nana Kwafo. These founders were not able to afford the 64 pounds that was demanded by the overlord of the land. Thus, led by Nana Otabil, the founders pleaded with the overlord: "Nana Gyaa Asese no ma me osiand3 y3ntum ntua 64 pounds no." To wit, leave the land for me because we can't pay the 64 pounds. And that became Gyaamam, and not Gyaaman. 

Lome: Founded by Nana Kum in search of water was named Domeabra which later became Dome, and corrupted to Lome. 

Nkoransa: Three towns, with Nsamanfom as the head, merged to become one town. And that became "Nkurow Abaasa," corrupted to Nkoransa. 

Kumasi: Just like Asuantse Kumasi was founded under the Kum tree. 

Gomoa Ajumako: After the Gomoa moved from Gomoa Man Mu, and moving to acquire territories became a battlefield for the Gomoa hence the name Ajumako. 

Oguakrom: Settlers from Oguaa settled there, and with their colonial English and lifestyle became Oguakrom, etc.
Gomoa Oguaa
Gomoa Mampong
Gomoa Dominase
Gomoa Edina
Gomoa Alata
Gomoa Mankessim
Gomoa Kumasi
Gomoa Asikuma

It seems Gomoa have towns named after every town in Ghana😂😂

What other Gomoa Towns do you know?
Credit: Nana Kwasi Anto-Hia
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