Profile of Outstanding Blogger Grade Wan.

Profile of Outstanding Blogger Grade Wan.

Volta is one of the great regions in Ghana with a lot of bloggers. Blogging is the act of giving out information and news to the general public through various websites. 

Bloggers are the best people to trend information or news around a given place either positively or negatively. 
Volta as a region have a lot of active bloggers and information content creators who are good in giving out viral contents.
Notwithstanding, Daniel Kodzo Azumah popularly known as Grade the CEO of www.gradegh.com is one of such great bloggers in the region.
Grade is a teacher by profession, writer, publisher, entertainment pundit, critic and a media personality.His interest is to tell and trend Volta stories especially the ones that connects us as a people and exports our heritage to the global audience.

Over the years, Grade built himself around Creative arts well enough to understand that telling the success of Volta creatives has always been his motivation.Connect with Gradegh.com officially on danielazumah13@gmail.com or contact +233247107561.
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