TTAG Sends a Message to Teacher Trainees On Allowance and Others

TTAG Sends a Message to Teacher Trainees On Allowance and Others


Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG) has updated it's members on the latest issues relating to the delay in payment of their allowance. In a letter released sighted by the news team, they brief their members about the results of the meetings held with sector minister Mr Osei Yaw Adutwum.

Below are the content of the press release.

Minister for Education, Hon. Osei Yaw Adutwum on 25″ July, 2021 as well Synopsis of the outcome of the meeting are scribed below:


In an engagement with the Minister, he informed the leadership that a consensus was built between him and the leadership of PRINCOF concerning the feeding component and its related issues which ought to have been fulfilled by them (Principals) after the leadership’s

first engagement with him. He further expressed his displeasure towards the side being taken by our Principals.

We are therefore by this release informing all our Local TTAG Executives to engage their Principals to demand what is due them. We further urge you to report back to your Sector Secretariats after your engagement with your principals for onward action to be taken.


On the payment of arrears of the allowance, the Minister acknowledged receipt of concerns

on the arrears of the allowance and urged the leadership that he would continue to engagee the Finance Minister for the arrears to be settled as soon as possible.

We therefore appeal to all our constituents that in as much as the academic year is almost

over, the leadership will continue to engage the stakeholders for the 6 months arrears to be paid.

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