Western: 17 year old girl rescued

Western: 17 year old girl rescued

A 17 year old female student of the Takoradi Technical Institute (TTI) in the Western Region of Ghana has been hospitalized after drinking a poisonous substance suspected to be DDT.

The girl affectionately called as Faustina by colleagues on campus was rushed to the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital of the western region for treatment after She fainted.
Speaking to her friends, they explained that, they suspected her of drinking some chemical believing to be poison hence her collapsed.

She therefore confessed later of drinking the ddt chemical to end her life over a trauma she is going through in her life even in the school. 
She claims life has been unbearable for her and decided to end it all thus why she took the poisonous substance. 
She has since admitted and been responding to treatment after being saved by her friends.
Parents and Guardians are advised to be checking on their wards in school at the various campuses due to the rampant nature of depression among the youths.

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