Court discharges student accused of beating girlfriend to death.

Court discharges student accused of beating girlfriend to death.

The level 300 student of Evangelical Presbyterian University College (EPUC), Philip Ceasar Kumah who was accused of beating his girlfriend, resulting in her death has been discharged by Ho Magistrate Court.
One Kumah allegedly beat Elizabeth Yesutor Akpalu,the girlfriend, resulting in her death later at the Ho Teaching Hospital sometime in April this year.
The Court discharge the student because of the office of the Attorney General's office in Ho has withdrawn the murder case against him based on the post mortem report which reveal that,Miss Yesutor Akpalu died of other causes and not physical torture as alleged earlier by the prosecution.
According to the report, Miss Akpalu died of congestive heart failure, severe blood loss and myomatous uterus.

Counsel for the accused, Mr Raymond Akpatsa told Ghanaian times that, the decision by the A.G to withdraw the case was appropriate, since the cause of death as revealed by autopsy had no connection with alleged assault carried out on Ms Akpalu by Kumah.

The Court presided over by Mr Robert Addo, was told that after alleged beatings in the house in Ho, Ms Akpalu, called her friends, including a journalist, to tell them about the agony she was going through.
Ms Akpalu went to Ho Teaching Hospital to complain of Chest Pain, headache and general body pains, and she was admitted the Court heard.
According to the prosecution there were several cuts and bruises on the body of the woman and she died on the next day of admission.
Source: Ghanaian Times

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