Culture is the collective term to identify certain ideas, customs, and social behaviors which are protected by cultural leaders/Kings. It represents a group of people or a society, combining their knowledge, beliefs, morals, and laws.
For the most part, culture looks at the big picture. It’s a general term that represents the whole. It includes everything from the food you eat to the TV shows you watch, as well as art, language, fashion, dance, and more.
When you think of the Ankore culture, for instance, certain foods, farming, dances, art, and language likely come to mind. Culture is what brings an entire group of people together. It not only represents what you do but also what you believe. It’s deep-rooted into your personality and behavior, often resulting in shared morals and values. It’s a shared sense of community identity.

In short, culture is everything a certain group of people has amassed throughout their history. It’s a way of life that you learn through immersion as you experience it each and every day.

People without culture is like a tree without roots.

Rukundo egumeho

Ahabwa'Ruhanga n'obuhangwa bwangye.
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