Bwende People of Dr. Congo and Central African Republic.

Bwende People of Dr. Congo and Central African Republic.

Bwende People can be found in Dr. Congo and Central African Republic they are related to the Beembe People of Republic of Congo and Kikongo People of Dr. Congo, they are part of the Bantu speaking people.
They carved masks and wooden sculptures the Nikisi is a wooden sculpture the artistic expression has undergone the Influence of the Beembe which it is said to be the neighbors to the northwest also the Nkisi include over 400 insertions it is very powerful it is belived that it is associated with the Bwende Spirituality, the statuette are designate a culprit as well as cure a disease.
Niombo are distinguished above all by their large funerary mannequins in cloth along with the Muziri also made of cloth whicb contain some bones, they settled along the Congo river from Etuala to Stanley.
In their Culture the dead bodies would be brought to the village and accompanied by the family, musicians on the burial mound a shelter was erected in which the household objects would be piled along with gunpowder, food, rifles and statuettes once the Ceremony was completed, the people of the village would set up fire to the deceased Chief dwelling place then the following Day, the family would hold a feast to thank both donors and musicians.
According to Anthropologist Prof. Farris Thompson, the warrior invoked as the symbol of combativeness, mvita which is a perpectual war against evil, it is claimed that they migrated from Present day Southern Angola and used to be part of a smaller kingdoms others also claimed they migrated with the Manyomba People and arrived southward from Present day Gabon before the 15th Century.
They celebrate many festivals their annual festival which is to honor the Ancestors who passed away it is referred as the Festival of the dead, they originally migrated from Lower Congo the northeast areas and their musicial instruments include Bells, Harp, Slit drums, Glass beads.
According to Jemebetat, the Suku People and Bwende were neighbors with the Yaka People and Suku hunters it is claimed they made a musical instruments including Dog whistles, Slit drums along with the sculpted figurines.
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