Ho: New MCE embarks on traffic decongestion exercise

Ho: New MCE embarks on traffic decongestion exercise

The Ho Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Mr. Divine Bosson together with the municipal engineer and some other members of the task force has embarked on an decongestion exercise at the Ho lorry station to enhance free flow of traffic in the Volta Region Capital.

Mr. Bosson said, cars and motorbikes that are wrongfully parked on the road around the market and the lorry station are the main cause of traffic in those areas therefore today’s exercise has enabled the free flow of traffic to both pedestrians and cars.

He added “the place is not earmarked for parking but people come to park their cars, some loading and doing anything they like by the roadside without taking into consideration other road users. This cannot continue because the road is meant for both cars and pedestrians therefore where you are asked not to park don’t park and where you are not permitted to be and sell don’t”

According to him the assembly has a task force that has been doing it always adding that “if doing it is not enough leadership must come to augment whatever the tax force has been doing and set the base because that is the way to go”

Mr Bosson acknowledge the fact that the station itself is choked and as a matter of urgency needs to be decongested.

He said, to avoid parking and loading by the roadside, they will make sure that once a driver registers his car ,he must leave and park in his house, especially car’s that are from Ho and they will only return to the station when it is their turn to load.

“if the bookers are aware a driver have registered they will by all means call when it’s their turn to load”

He further cautioned some traders on where they are selling their goods and added, it is unlawful to have a store in the market and yet decide to sell by the roadside.

Source: www.ignewss.com
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