Let’s support NPP to win in Volta – Amewu calls on party members

Let’s support NPP to win in Volta – Amewu calls on party members

The Member of Parliament for Hohoe constituency, Hon. John Peter Amewu, has appealed to party members in the Volta region to solidly rally behind the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Volta region to be more active.

According to him, the party members need to be discipline in the region and strive towards achieving their targets.

The Minister of Railways made the appeal to the party at their annual regional delegate conference at Ho

Hon. Amewu, in his address charged the party to dwell in unity if only the are ready to break the “8” agenda

“In unity, we will have a very great party, this party is bigger than fighting individual, this party belong to nobody, in unity we will continues to build this party” Amewu stated

The Hohoe MP commended the tiredless drive by the forefathers of the party in the region, acknowledging the effort and the courage in bringing the party to where it is now in an increasing Patten in voting results.

“In those days NPP they use stones and throw at you guys, they move from the stone and started using water, they move from water and now started voting their hands; today they don’t throw stone, they don’t use water, they vote their hands, they move from voting their hands they now started rousing you Kukruru! Kukruru!! Kukruru!!!”

He is confident the party has a great future in the region.
“Statistically, the votes of the NPP from the volta region keep increasing and if this trend continues the volta region’s contribution to the party electorally will continue to see an increase. Volta region has an important stake in the future of the party.”

He believes, whatever happened for Hohoe to claimed the parliamentary seat for NPP can happened at any other constituency in the Volta region.

He therefore called on the party executives and the individuals to be up and doing to be able to change the fortunes of the party in the region

“if you are a messenger in the government is better than being a chairman in an opposition”
“We won the Hohoe seat because we were united and hardworking; the onus now is on us to replicate this in other constituencies in the Volta region. It is our responsibility now to shun any division and unite for the volta Npp we want for our party. Volta Region is the future of our party, with hard work and dedication we can solidify our claim on the region!” he advised
The General Secretary of the Party Hon. John Boadu in his address, entreated the members to do away with party divisions by separating the party from the government which is dragging the party backwards

To Mr. Boadu, the Volta region is a region of high potential for the party considering the number of votes pulled from the region within the previous election year which he rated as excellent.

According to the general secretary the party has within four years done a lot in the Volta region mentioning the Youth Resource Center at Adaklu, Hohoe Township roads, Secondary City Market Projects at Ho and Hohoe under construction and also Wli – Tordze road also under construction as some of the project.

He further hinted that the Volta region is also benefiting from the president’s agenda 111 with seven (7) hospitals in the region.

Hon. John Boadu however stated that his tour in the region has revealed to him that the NPP’s achievement in the region cannot be compared to none.

“The NDC was always clapping on eastern corridor road taking bonds and loans for Eight years, as I pass last three days and yesterday I ‘ve seen that the contribution of NPP in the Volta region has no equal at all”

He urged the members to continue to work for the party in order to consolidate, sustain and gain more for the region.

Source: www.ignewss.com
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