Louisiana Creole Language of USA and Its African Origins .

Louisiana Creole Language of USA and Its African Origins .

Louisiana Creole is a French based creole which is also combined with some African languages such as Fon , Aja or Adja , Umbudu, Ewe and other mixed West African languages including some Wolof as well.

 Creole is basically a pidgin just like we have Belize Creole , Haitian Creole and other Creoles across he Americas and Caribbeans , Louisiana Creole is a French based Creole spoken by fewer than 10,000 people in the State of Louisiana.
It is also spoken or native to St. Martin Parish , Natchitoches Parish , St. Landry Parish , Jefferson Parish, Lafayette Parish, Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana , New Orleans and other areas . Research confirmed indeed Louisiana Creole have some Ewe, Fon , Aja , Ayizo , French some Ubundu as well as some Wolof and other languages .
The Origins of Louisiana Creole in USA.

It is believed Louisiana Creole was spoken in Louisiana which is used to be a French Colony. Many Africans who were enslaved and brought to the America came from West African countries or regions such as Dahomey regions of the Ewe , Fon , Aja and Ayizo and other parts of Africa and they came from ethnic groups such as Yoruba , Igbo , Kikongo and other West African countries or regions . 

The Ewe, Fon, Aja , Ayizo and other West African languages Influenced the Louisiana Creole but originally African People who were enslaved also came from the Senegal and Gambia countries of West Africa which they already spoke a Mande language around 1719, the Creoles already have came into contact with the Ewe , Fon , Aja , Kikongo already alongside the Wolof . Louisiana Vodun or Louisiana Voodoo .
Louisiana Vodu also referred as Louisiana Voodoo or Louisiana Vudu and Louisiana Hoodoo was an African Spirituality practice brought by Enslaved Africans who came from Dahomey Present day Benin , Present day Togo and Present day Nigeria . Mostly they came from ethnic groups such as Fon , Ewe , Igbo , Mina , Aja and other ethnic groups . Louisiana Vodu arrived in French Louisiana during Colonial period from 1719 to 1731 . other meaning of the word Vodu in Fon means spirits and other meanings which is to liberate the people . The Louisiana Vodu is of Aja and Fon origins and others referred it as Louisiana Hoodoo .
After the Haitian Revolution mostly people of African Ancestry make sure t part of their traditions . It is said and confirmed Vodu originally came from Present day Benin which is even practiced in some parts Nigeria , Togo , Benin and some parts of Ghana by the Ewe People , In the Diaspora Vodu survived and It is practiced in Haiti , Brazil , Dominica , some parts of Cuba and Venezuela , New Orleans African Spirituality known as Vodu so be kept which is and other parts of the Diaspora due to European Oppression using their belief known today as Christianity during Slave Trade.
Research by Selikem Okatakyie.
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