New MCE, Renewed Hope for Keta? - Dzidodo Adjaho quizzes

New MCE, Renewed Hope for Keta? - Dzidodo Adjaho quizzes

Sports Journalist and Head Coach of Keta Sunset Beach Soccer Football Club, Mr Ruben Dzidodo Adjaho has taken to facebook some little challenges his mind.
In a post sighted by Konkonsah News, Mr Adjaho quizzes the citizens about the recent confirmation of the President's MCE nominee for Keta and also if he's the real solutions to our problems in the Municipality.
Below is his post, 
Couple of months ago, the Keta Municipal Assembly was under the spotlight after a series of alleged corruption, mismanagement and illegal property allocations being persecuted by functionaries of the assembly.
The revelations led by the then planning officer incited incensed agitations and protest by youth groups including the Concerned Anlo Youth and Keta Forum, initiator of the #SaveKetaNow campaign.
There has since been so much mistrust among key stakeholders of Keta and now with the confirmation of a new Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Emmanuel Gemegah, new group of government appointees including historian and educationist Agbotadua Kumassah, legal practitioner Mr. Desewu, football administrator Kudjo Fianoo, industrial Degue Joel among others, there should be renewed hope for Keta and it's municipal assembly. To say Keta has the men to deliver desired development the town needs is not far fetched. At least on paper, the list looks strategic enough and has people with notable backgrounds.

The people of Keta have been deprived of real developmental needs for a very long time. In short, there's been no plan to boost or revive a dying local economy in decades. The municipal assembly has become a job creation avenue for a select few who abandon their core mandate for their greedy and selfish needs. 

What can be mentioned as development programs undertaken by the assembly in years are community toilets, community standpipes, 6 unit classroom blocks etc 😊. In reality, those are mostly projects created to offer contracts to party faithfuls.

Hon. Gemegah, the new MCE of Keta is a very popular figure among the young and elderly mainly because of his roles as a radio panelist and within party politics circles. If reactions to his nomination and subsequent confirmation is anything to go by, the expectant community is counting on him to give them the new Keta. A town where we all call home and should be proud of. An ancient town with rich history. A town with golden sandy beaches. A town with educated professionals. A town that has suffered so much devastation from the sea. A dying town that needs saving. And of course a town that is noted as the hub of beach soccer in Ghana and home of current champions of Africa. 

Whiles we wait in hope for the new Keta, there are salient questions to ask;

Where do we begin from and how do we give life back to the people?
The assembly needs an image redemption; how soon do we start that?
What does Keta need to develop.

Of course, you can chip in your questions………

Keta we've all come to love is suffocating and needs resuscitation. 

Big congrats Sir Zee, I trust you will not disappoint.
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