TTAG Declined NUGS' Assistance -PIS of NUGS Addresses Teacher Trainees

TTAG Declined NUGS' Assistance -PIS of NUGS Addresses Teacher Trainees

 TTAG not ready for NUGS assistance -PIS OF NUGS EXPLAINS WHY

TTAG on the other hand is the war front for teacher trainees in Ghana. In the just-ended months, TTAG fought for countless stuff such as NTC PORTFOLIO ASSESSMENT, and feeding component of trainees.

The matter that needs serious address is the training allowance, paid trainees monthly. TTAG promising to take action after three weeks of countdown seems silent now with the next action.

Following a release made by the PIS of NUGS, hon. Alexander Owusu-Ansah, TTAG declined their offer when he approached TTAG for assistance thus partnering with NUGS to fight the allowance case.

Beneath is his release

 Dear Teacher Trainees,

Respectfully stop attacking NUGS for not joining your necessary laments over the delay of your Allowances.

The leadership of NUGS through my good self has on numerous occasions engaged the leadership of TTAG to open doors for the union to join this call.

Unfortunately, the reception given me by the TTAG Leaders anytime I engage them indicates that they do not need the involvement of NUGS anytime soon.

I can assure you (Teacher Trainees) the Union’s President YB commitment towards this call.

Let me reiterate this, NUGS IS EVER READY TO SUPPORT THIS CALL, anytime the leadership of TTAG deems it fit to have us on board. The Union for which I (one of your proud products) serve is 💯 devoted to your pursuits.

Individually, some executive officers of NUGS have personally joined the hashtags on their social media handles. This affirms the commitment we have for the wants of the TTAG community.

We (NUGS) gladly await the call of your leadership to join you guys scream our voices out. Never think we(NUGS) do not care, WE DO!



Is TTAG serious with teacher trainees?

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