Dear Hon. Alexander Kwamena Afenyo-Markins, 

As a resident in Effutu Constituency specifically Wenniba for about 4 years now, I have witnessed numerous and countless developmental projects you are doing. For instance; asphalting of roads, building of clinics, building of monuments, Libraries, community centres renovation of state department buildings like police stations etc and even support for the Youth across Wenniba. Even there's a sea defence project ongoing in Effutu. And I must confess that I really admire your hardwork and dedication to your Effutu people and am one of the people who defends you no matter the argument and wish to see you contest the flagbearership in your party oneday. Honourable, you are among my list of "Best MPs in Ghana" currently.

But I am very sad and heartbroken right now after watching the press conference by your caucus in Parliament which you were a main speaker...I don't want to talk about that picture issue but just to ask you two simple questions.

1. Honourable, are you happy with the level of development in your paternal home/Region particularly Anlo area as compared to the people you represent ?

2. How are you feeling now that the whole of Ghana specifically the Anlo people (Keta, Anloga & Ketu) are lambasting you over churning falsehood over our eyes instead of supporting the agenda to initiate a lasting solution to the problem?
Honourable, if nothing is done, the sea will eat up the entire coastline and even Tsiame which is so many miles inland will be eaten up in some 3-4 decades to come....Yes, it's very possible. 

Honourable, Some of us have been a victim of this disaster some decades ago before the Keta Sea defence project and unless you experience it, you won't tell nor feel what we are going through. It is very sad and weird to take your friends to your home town and point into the ocean and say; "the house in which I was born is now up there in the sea" our play grounds are now in the sea, our school and chapels are now in the sea...this should tell how the sea has take more than half of the coast of Volta. How will you feel if your family loose all their belongings to the sea within a day? 

Some basic schools have been affected by this disaster since Sunday and only God knows how their final year students are psychologically and academically prepared for their BECE. 

Only God knows how life have been for the over 4000 of us affected by this disaster. What we eat, drink, where do we sleep and what's the way forward for us since economic activities too has been destroyed.

Honourable, my siblings, cousins, friends and colleagues are lambasting & insulting me since last night just because I've been a number one defender of your personality and am now am in shame over your actions Sir.
The little the Keta, Anloga and Ketu people expect from your outfit now is; 

1. An apology to the people and the chiefs of the area for churning falsehood on their eyes.

2. Help support the agenda to commence a permanent solution to this problem. 

Because this problem needs an urgent and permanent solution and the unnecessary partisan propaganda will not help us solve it.

Honourable, your influence and power in Ghana's Parliament is enough to lobby for this project just like how you doing for your Effutu people. The Anlo People also needs and equal lobby from you. Yes, your represent your constituents most but as a politician & committee member MP, your holistic roles are for the entire nation.

It will be very honourable on your side if you put aside your partisan colour and rally your colleague Volta MPs to your side for this course.

The NDC versus NPP blame game will not help. The aim of scoring cheap political points over a natural disaster is as cruel as the works of a witch.

Your Anlo people will forever keep you at heart and some of us might go the extra miles to serve you in any capacity if you utilise your political influence & power to help solve this problem. 

The People only needs a permanent sea defence wall with long groynes projecting into the sea from Anyanui through Anloga, Keta, Kedzi, Denu to Aflao. And if possible, reclaim some lands from the sea as was done in the keta sea defence.

Finanlly, Honourable your influence and power is needed to help solve this problem than the partisan loyalty. 

I believe this informal note finds its way to you and touches your heart as you do the needful and posterity will judge you as the best among all oneday.

Have a nice day my Honourable. 

Thank You.
Benard Worlali Awumee 
A proud native of Anlo-Keta, A social Scientist, Educationist and a Freelance Journalist. 
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