Francisca Lamini Of Ketasco NSMQ Team Receives Mentorship Offer From Microsoft Employee And CEO, Ivy Barley

Francisca Lamini Of Ketasco NSMQ Team Receives Mentorship Offer From Microsoft Employee And CEO, Ivy Barley

The National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) has ended but lest memories that we will look back to to make informed decisions in the future. One of these very amazing memories is the fact that the 2021 grand final edition of the most patronized national quiz competition saw a girl show her feminine power right from the initial stages of the contest to the very top.
This girl, whose name is Francisca Lamini actually showed the world after eight years of the competition being dominated by boys, there is the need to change the narrative and make nature appreciate girl child education

Although Keta SHTS could not grab the ultimate title, the appearance of Ms. Francisca Lamini in the competition took over the celebrations than ever the celebrations of the actual contest winner, Prempeh College.

Great people have celebrated her milestone and various donations have been made so far with more coming in from all over the country.

Well, one of these donations, one that will interest everyone has just been made public and it comes with great joy.

Ivy Barley, a young African entrepreneur, and CEO who happens to be the co-founder and CEO of Developers in Vogue, an organization that is paving the way for more African women to take up opportunities in the tech industry has offered to mentor Francisca if she is willing to be mentored.

In a tweet cited by trendsmaniac.com , Miss Ivy Barley proposed her desire to extend her knowledge in the data and computing world to the young national heroine.

The tweet was carbon-copied Keta SHTS on Twitter which they responded to accordingly after they received it. In their response, they drew the attention of Ivy to her personal inbox as the details of the arrangement cannot be shared in the public space.

This is what Keta Senior Hight Technical School had to say in a reply tweet after receiving from Ivy Barley on the same platform

So it is our fervent hope that the outcome of this arrangement benefits the young lady for her to be equipped for the future and the job market of the world.

Source: www.trendsmaniac.com

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