History of Bidyogo People of Guinea Bissau and some parts of Senegal and Gambia .

History of Bidyogo People of Guinea Bissau and some parts of Senegal and Gambia .

Bidyogo People also known as Bijao , Balanta , can be found in Guinea Bissau , Senegal and Gambia ,which is located in the Western part of Africa,they are part of the Niger- Congo family and they are related to the Papel people of Guinea Bissau. 
 According to Bidyogo Anthropologist, It is said the language connect them with the costal mainland and the time mainland people are also related to the Bidyogo which traced its origins back to the north along the coast to Present day Mauritania.
 it is claimed they were forced south as result of the southward Beber ethnic group movement the Island of Bissagos dates back to 1456, the Portuguese Explorer called Fernando explored the lsland throughout the 17th Century also enlsaved Bidyogo were exported and in the 19th Century with ships to the Diaspora by the Portuguese. 
 In the 15th Century , Islamic Religion had influence on them in their traditions and Cultures as well they inherit properties such as lands, wealth and others through their matrilineal line also it can be traced to one direct or common ancestor, women are particularly important in political systems for they may achieve the rank of a chief. 
 According to Anthropologist Prof. Christopher, 
Roy , Supreme Being is referred as Nindo, Nindo created Obide which is a Man and Okanto which is a woman they gave birth to two boys they are remembered as the Ancestors the four original Ancestors they carved masks such as helmet mask, sculptures.
Architecture plays a big role their houses have a circular floor, conic roof, and the walls are made up of adobe covered by lime, painted with stylized life scenes. Some are both craftsmen and hunters for the craftsmen they make ceramics modeled pots, wooden spatula, open oven and hunters captured buffaloes.
Source: Selikem Okatakyie
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