Keta: Hon. Emmanuel Bedzrah visits displaced tidal wave victims.

Keta: Hon. Emmanuel Bedzrah visits displaced tidal wave victims.

The Chairman of Volta Caucus of the minority in Parliament who doubles as the Ho West MP Hon. 
Emmanuel Kwasi Bedzrah together with Hon Dzidzorli Gakpe;MP for Keta and Hon Dzifa Gomashie; MP for Ketu South today visited the areas affected by the Ketu South tidal wave and the displaced families who were directly affected by the tidal wave.
This visit comes after some homes along the Aflao-Keta-Anloga highway yesterday got washed away by the sea. 

Keta for the past decades has suffered from activity of High tidal waves, which destroyed physical structures, lives and other properties. 

The residents are currently living in fear and are asking government to address the situation in time to prevent greater havoc.
Hon Bedzrah is also calling on government to expand the Keta Sea Defence Project to control the release of this periodic floodwaters from the mainlands into the Atlantic Ocean to protect lives and properties and to avert the increasing land lost. 

The Keta Sea Defence Project (KSDP) which was started during the NDC government to control the release of periodic floodwaters from the areas surrounding the Keta Lagoon has stalled for some years now. 
This current situation should serve as a wake up call to government for works on the sea defense project to continue and also for them to honor their promise to construct a seaport for the people of Keta to boost the socio-economic activities in the area.

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