Resist all dehumanizing foreign cultures - Rev. Philip Yao Atsiago.

Resist all dehumanizing foreign cultures - Rev. Philip Yao Atsiago.

Reverend Philip Yao Atsiago, SSNIT Flats District Pastor of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church on Sunday called on Christians to resist all forms of dehumanizing foreign cultures which Christianity and the Ghanaian culture frowns upon.

“As Christians let us vehemently abhor and resist any form of lifestyles and activities that are alien to our culture, Christian faith and inimical to our growth and development,” he admonished.

Rev. Atsiago made the call in a sermon on the theme “faithful stewards” during the SSNIT Flats district anniversary of the Church at Adaklu Have in the Adaklu District.

The day also coincided with the Founding Father’s day of the E. P. Church (Lorenz Wolf Day).

The Church, which is 174 years on November 14 this year is the product of the Missionary effort of the Northern German Missionary Society (Bremen Mission) begun at Peki in the Volta Region with the arrival of Rev. Lorenz Wolf on 14th November 1847.

Rev. Atsiago noted that Christians should not sell their dignity and self-esteem because of aid.

He said the world could not do away with suffering, disease, hunger, persecutions, and wars but noted that there was an end to all human suffering.

Rev. Atsiago called on Christians to get closer to God and continue to play their stewardship roles effectively and efficiently and stop chasing after only earthly things.

He advised them to shun hatred, envy, and jealousy and rather mirror the love God had for the world.

Togbe Mateo Nonu, Regent of the town praised the church for her untiring efforts to bring light to where there was darkness.

He said they would ban any Church that would support the activities of LGGTQ+ in their community.

Mr Robert Adatsi, Deputy Director, Clinical Care, Volta Regional Health Directorate who chaired the function appealed to the leadership of the Church to venture into income-generating activities and stop depending on the generosity of its members alone.

Mr Divine Kuvor, Financial Secretary of the District said funds raised at the ceremony would be used to start their Pastor’s Manse and appealed for financial and material support from members of the Church.

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