Sexology Lesson by Miss Ekpo Ruth

Sexology Lesson by Miss Ekpo Ruth

What most women don't know is even though we all have pussy, that doesn't mean all our pussy taste the same🤷‍♀️😂yeah!! Yeah!!
Ask men if only they can be honest and tell you the truth, that pussy pass pussy. 😀😀

There are some men that love their wives but still keeping one bitch somewhere because of how good her pussy is hence they can't afford to miss that slimy, juicy, luxurious testure pussy of hers. So they codedly run to meet her for maximum satisfaction.

This is the reason why as a woman your pussy should be your greatest priority, don't be buying expensive bags, hairs and clothes while your pussy is tasteless, don't be shouting I'm a complete package because of your outside appearance why your pussy is not well oiled such that can grip a dick, this is why you see some men with the most beautiful women as wives, yet they're cheating with one small girl who isn't the standard of their wife and you say what do men really want? Men wants a well lubricated oiled pussy that can grip his dick whenever he's fucking you. 🤣🤣🤣 

 Upgrade your pussy biko, stop serving your man tasteless food💃💃💃💃

Our Sexology class in Telegram for December is coming up. Hurry and join us💃💃💃
Advance teachings on how to keep your partner to yourself alone.
December is coming
_"Teachings with videos for better understanding"
Click the link below and write me in WhatsApp for criteria to join the class.
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