Slavery: A school with only one teacher who teaches all Subjects from JHS 1-3

Slavery: A school with only one teacher who teaches all Subjects from JHS 1-3

Reports available to the news team of Coverghana.com.gh affirmed that, Mafi Dugame Junior High School (JHS) in Central Tongu District of the Volta Region is facing teacher deficit for many years.

According to sources, the school currently has only one teacher who teaches students from Junior High School one (JHS1) to Junior High School three (JHS 3).

It is rather disheartening to know that, nothing positive has been done after countless appeals to the Ghana Education Service (GES) to post teachers to the school to help improve teaching and learning.

The Executive Director of Africa Education Watch Mr. Kofi Asare who disclosed the sad situation at the Mafi Dugame Junior High School has questioned how can one teacher handles all subjects JHS 1-3, and what are the children going to do at the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) scheduled to commence on Monday, 15th November, 2021 to Friday, 19th November, 2021?

He hinted that, sadly, the school children are leaving the school for galamsay since there are no teachers available to teach them. "What wrong did these kids do, and where lies their future?" He asked.

Expressing his disastisfaction in the situation at the Mafi Dugame Junior High School, Mr. Kofi Asare said, "if we do not change the inequitable system for deploying education resources, especially teachers, by giving premium to equity and incentivizing rural teaching, after all the big speeches and hundreds of millions of dollars being spent under GALOP etc., nothing will change in schools like Mafi Dugame JHS."

He re-emphasized that, the Mafi Dugame epitomizes the policy-praxis dichotomy in our education system. It is unconscionable this is happening at a time there are surplus teachers in some schools, and many licensed teachers sitting idle at home without employment.

"Dear leadership of the Ghana Education Service, we beg you, please deploy teachers to teach in Mafi Dugame and their likes. This time around, we will not write any letter, since the GES HQ never responds to Eduwatch letters. So, we will enter your DMs, your offices, your homes, church, everywhere we see you biaa.. and make noise till you deliver on M.Dugame." Mr. Kofi Asare said.

SOURCE: http://Coverghana.com.gh
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