The Unexamined Life is not Worth Living ~ Stan Dugah writes.

The Unexamined Life is not Worth Living ~ Stan Dugah writes.

That's a Socrates quote, and a maxim we should all live up to. The last few weeks of the year should not just see you preparing for the next--take stock of the present year as well. 

Have you made some progress, have you made new friends? Here is hoping they helped you to become a better version of yourself, inspired you or just came by to make things easier for you. Or, you were there to meet some at the point of their needs and nudged them towards better. Good. 

What about old friends? Have some shown themselves to be only fair weather friends? You need to advise yourself then. Time reveals all truths, and the best friends stick with you in your lowest moments. 

Examine the companies you keep, the friends you have, and things you do with them. Are they positively affecting your life? You can have fun as much as you want, but everyday should see you getting better, closer to your goals. 

Birds of a feather flock together. If you are aspiring to be better but still keep company with people making no attempt to get better, you may stagnate.

Time reveals all truths and every moment of your life should be examined in retrospect; your decisions, your actions and the people you hang out with.

I know somebody who exists Whatsapp groups that he thinks are not contributing anything to his life and not making any meaningful difference in the life of members or the larger society at the end of every year. Especially the ones that share only memes, messages you have to forward to 100 people to not die and calls for funeral contributions.

Maybe you should do that in your life as well. Leave behind relationships, friendships and habits that are toxic or negatively affecting your personal development and peace of mind. 

It's time to let go of some things that are keeping you back, contributing nothing to your development, and move forward. Might be bad habits. Cultivate new ones. 

Let's do this. 

By Stan Dugah
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