Adaklu Kpodzi E. P. Middle School leavers honour first and longest serving Headmaster.

Adaklu Kpodzi E. P. Middle School leavers honour first and longest serving Headmaster.

The first and longest serving headmaster of Adaklu Kpodzi E. P. Middle school, Mr. Joseph Kofi Dzogbewu, has been celebrated and honoured by some Old students of the school on the Boxing Day at his residence in Sokode Etoe.

Mr. Dzogbewu taught at the then Adaklu Kpodzi E. P. Middle school between 1967 academic year through to 1979.

The Old students, appreciation is a recall to the efforts of Mr. Joseph Kofi Dzogbewu and the role he played in the development of the school, the knowledge and discipline he impacted into them.

Items presented included a cash gift of Three Thousand Ghana Cedis (Ghc 3, 000. 00), Kente Cloth, Jumper /Knicker and Citation in his honour.
According to the old students, about 90% of Mr. Dzogbewu’s students are well to do in the society adding that, they can boast that he led a pace and therefore deserves a recognition for serving not only the school but the Adaklu community at large.

In words of felicitations signed by the former students presented to him, Mr. Dzogbewu was described as a selfless, hardworking and dedicated disciplinarian whose concern is on the people.

“The development, thus, forced chiefs of Adaklu Kpodzi who order parents whose wards were outside Adaklu to return back home and attend the school opened by the Evangelical Presbyterian church (E.P. Church) in the community”. They said.

Some former students also described their former headmaster as a disciplinarian who did not compromise truancy and any other form of misconduct among both students and teachers.

They noted that, the result of the hard works of the teacher is evident to the full glare of the public’s admiration.

They said, Mr. Dzogbewu has proven conspicuously and demonstrated in the numerous students who graduated and today, many are Chiefs, Farmers, Teachers, Religious leaders, Security personnel, Politicians, Doctors both Academics and Medicals among others.

Responding to the honour, Mr. Joseph Kofi Dzogbewu expressed gratitude to the old students adding that despite the discipline they spoke about, he is very happy it did not deter them from the good ways but rather moulded them for a good reference.

Mr. Dzogbewu however lamented on indiscipline that has engulfed students due to the banishing of punishment in the Education system.

He believed that, the total removal of punishment in a form of the use of cane has done more harm than good to the Educational sector and challenged parents to weigh the two and decided for themselves.

“At our time of schooling canes were used to instil discipline into us, even at the end of terminal exams they call the results at the school gathering, but today what do we see? We see canes as a bad things to be in schools. “let’s take a second look at it for ourselves,” he Quizzed.

Mr. Joseph Kofi Dzogbewu started his teaching career as a pupil teacher in 1962 and later enrolled at Amedzofe Training College (College of Education) for his professional development.

He was subsequently posted to Bankoe EP School after his training and was later transferred to Adaklu Kpodzi to start the newly opened middle school.

He went to the newly opened school, Adaklu Kpodzi, since most teachers rejected posting because of the rural nature of the area coupled with other challenges including deficit of classroom structures.

Mr. Dzogbewu finally joined the school in the year 1967 – 1968 academic year with just five (5) pupils, leaving behind over Forty (40) pupils at Ho Bankoe E. P. Primary School where he was teaching upon self deliberations.

His work spanned till 1979 when he was transferred to Sokode Etoe L. A. Middle School where he finally retired in the 1996.

He served for 39 years in active service with Ghana Education service.

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