Francisca Lamini, the only female in this year’s National Science and Maths Quiz grand finale, and the first girl to reach this stage in the last eight years, has made straight A's in this year's WASCE. This being the second of such feats, we can say Francisca has literally made 16 straight A's in the final examination. 
Francisca sat for the Nov/Dec exams when she was in her second year in Ketasco where she scored 8 A's. Her results slip has surfaced on the internet and she had A1 in all her Elective Subjects; Elective Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. 

Like all other final year students, she wrote the WASSCE (again) this year and has scored another set of straight 8 A's in Elective Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Core Mathematics English Language, Social Studies and Integrated Science. 
At the grand finale of this year's National Science Maths Quiz (NSMQ2021), Francisca Lamini, representing Keta Senior High Technical School (KSHTS aka KETASCO) was adjudged the Most Outstanding Female Performer. 

This indeed is a wonder child. 

See attached her current results.
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