Global Theological Seminary (GTS) inaugurates a new Governing Council.

Global Theological Seminary (GTS) inaugurates a new Governing Council.

The Global Theological Seminary (GTS) of the Global Evangelical Church Ghana has inaugurated a new governing council.
The inauguration ceremony which was officiated by the Moderator, Rt. Rev. Dr. S.K. Ofori, who double as the Chancellor of the Seminary saw the inauguration of eleven members into the office of governing council of the Global Theological Seminary (GTS).
 The newly inaugurated council  members are: Prof. S. K. Agordzo, Chairman, Rev. Dr. Komi A. Hiagbe, Rector, Global Theological Seminary, Mr. Eyram Atsu, Synod Committee Executive, Dr. Ernestina Novieto, Faculty Member, Rev. Dr. Nyuieko Avotri, President, Alumni Association, Mr. Leopold Gadagoe, GTS Staff, Mr. Vincent Ohene, President, Students Representative Council, Mrs. Victoria Norgbey, Educationist, Mrs. Jessie Hayibor, Lawyer, Dr. Harry Agbanu, University Lecturer and Mr. George Tokpo, Industry (Finance). 
The Council members were selected from varied backgrounds of expertise as demanded by the new statutes guiding the Seminary. 
And each governing member will serve a three-year term.
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