Hohoe: Miss 2nd J contestants paid a courtesy call on the MCE.

Hohoe: Miss 2nd J contestants paid a courtesy call on the MCE.


As part of the touring few places within and outside the municipality, the five Finalists of Miss 2nd J contestants were at the office of the MCE to formally introduce themselves to him and rally for his support.

The Municipal Chief Executive of the Hohoe municipal Hon. Daniel Awumey Noble welcomed and congratulated all the contestants. He also applauded the idea of Gbi-Kledzo Miss 2nd J. beauty pageant and pledge his support.

The MCE emphasized on this event as a laudable program being introduced by the Gbi-Kledzo 2nd J planning committee.

He made the promise that, his office will give us all the support we needed to make the celebration in the municipality go viral, it is only Gbi-Kledzo you can find everybody trouping to enjoy the day.

He pledged to support the celebration as a core mandate of his agenda to promote tourism and cultural activities in the municipality.

The MCE advices the contestants to be focused and determine in whatever difficulties they may go through because beauty pageant carries a whole lot creativity and discipline.

He further edged the judges on the program to play a fair role in judging the contestants not to be influenced by their beauty.

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